Glass repair? Is it worth it?


So, you’ve broken some glass. It happens – even to the best, most cautious of us. And glass can break without it even being our fault – the constant expanding and contracting during big changes in temperature can also literally break glass.


Now you’re left with not only your freshly-broken glass but also a big problem. As soon as glass is damaged in some way, the entire pane becomes weaker and susceptible to more damage.


But what is your next move? Do you repair or replace your glass?


In many cases, it is possible to repair your glass, but in many others – usually, when the damage is more significant – your glass may be better off being replaced.


There are a number of things to take into consideration when deciding whether to undertake glass repairs or full glass replacement. Cost is one major factor, but what and where you’ve damaged your glass is a pretty large contributing factor as to whether it can be repaired.



  • What have you broken?

Thinking about what you have broken allows you to get a more tailored quote for both repairs and replacement – which for many people will seal the deal.


  • Where have you broken it?

The placement of the chip, crack or other damage is significant as it affects the whole integrity of the pane of glass. The damage will drastically weaken the area around it. If this area is close to an area that gets hit or tapped a lot or near the window pane, the damage can worsen very quickly.


  • How bad is the damage? And how much worse is it likely to get?

If you have a chip in your glass this can usually be easily repaired and should be to prevent further damage that requires more costly repairs.


When to repair your glass

Repairing your glass whenever possible is always the best and least wasteful option (for those of you environmentalists out there).


If your glass has chips and or small cracks (sometimes even larger cracks) it is best to repair it, rather than replace it. There is little point replacing an entire pane of glass simply because it’s chipped or has a small crack in it. You can achieve the same result and maintain the strength of your glass by getting a professional to repair your glass.


All repairs should occur as soon as possible after you notice the damage. This will help to make sure that no more damage is done and that your glass is as strong as possible.


When to replace your glass

In the event that your glass has completely shattered, it is considered beyond repair and therefore replacements are necessary.


Large cracks can occur due to a lack of previous repairs, so it is always good to stay on top of those. If the glass of your window panes does have large cracks in it, the glass will most likely need to be fully replaced.

This is because the structural integrity of the window has been too severely affected and the glass could be dangerous.


A full replacement of your glass will ensure that not only is your window fixed, but that it is done so in a way that maintains the strength and visual appeal of the glass.