Glass Balustrading

Glass Balustrades For Commercial Applications

Synonymous with sleek, contemporary style, Glass Balustrades are a great addition to any workspace, whether it is your office, showroom, retail outlet or restaurant. Made from safety glass and designed to meet the strictest Australian Glazing Standards, glass balustrades give the illusion of space and light without compromising on durability.

A Range of Styles, Colours & Designs

At AAA, we supply and install glass balustrades for a range of business applications, including staircases, lofts & mezzanines, landings & balconies, and terraces & patios. Choose from a range of styles, colours and designs for balustrading that complements and enhances your business’ interior or exterior. AAA’s team of qualified glaziers are fully accredited and insured, and are all certified members of the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA), ensuring that your glass balustrades meet the highest standards of safety. We can also repair and replace your balustrades in the event they are broken, giving you the assurance of a fast turnaround time and quality workmanship, so your business experiences the minimum of interruption.