Glass splashbacks: A must-have for your kitchen or bathroom.


If you’re looking to splash out on a splashback, you really should consider glass as an option. While tiles are the traditional choice, glass splashbacks are becoming more popular in on-trend homes because they are super stylish, affordable and – perhaps most importantly in high use and wet areas – easy to keep clean.


Why choose glass for your kitchen splashback?

Glass splashbacks have one serious advantage over other kinds of splashback materials – when you have a single piece of glass mounted behind your kitchen bench, stove or bathroom vanity, there’s no grout.


That means glass is particularly hygienic. There's also no nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean or attract mould, mildew and stains. Food, dirt and dust won't get caught in the gaps, either.


Glass splashbacks add a contemporary feel to your kitchen or bathroom and are available in as many colours as your imagination can dream up. You can effortlessly reflect your home’s (and your) personality with a bold or neutral hue. They’ll also protect the wall behind your workpsace, being wholly waterproof and non-flammable.


If you have a kitchen on the smaller side, mirrored glass splashbacks can make the room look so much bigger. In a bathroom, they remove the need for extra mirrors and bounce light around the room, expanding the sense of space in what is often the darkest room of the house. A toughened glass splashback will cost more than a regular mirror but A toughened glass splashback will cost you more than a standard mirror, but it will be less likely to break from corrosion and moisture.


Other reasons to choose glass include:


  • It always looks new, sleek and streamlined
  • It’s low maintenance for longer – there’s no chance of a tile coming unstuck
  • It makes small kitchens look shinier and brighter
  • No grout lines won’t visually break up your space.


How to pick the best option for your needs.

Ask your glazier for toughened glass when ordering your kitchen splashback. You’ll thank me later.

Toughened glass prevents the likelihood of breakages and makes your splashback extra durable, whatever you throw at it.


In fact, toughened glass is over four times as strong as standard glass. It won't splinter like ordinary glass, causing potential harm and injury. And it's designed to withstand a lot of heat – which is a significant plus in the kitchen.  


When choosing between colours, be aware that what’s on trend this year might date your kitchen quickly (I’m looking at you, millennial pink). That’s OK if you’re keen to update your splashback regularly, but if budget and longevity is an issue, consider neutrals or natural colours like greens that last a lot longer in the popularity stakes.


Cleaning your glass splashback.

Keeping your glass splashback clean is as easy as wiping it over just as you would any other glass surface. You can also spray over methylated spirits to keep it looking like it’s just been installed – the alcohol will evaporate quickly without leaving behind any streaky residue that mars the look of your glass.