Cheap window suppliers. Is it really worth it?


Windows. Unless you live in an underground bunker or a school gymnasium, I’m guessing that you have windows in your house. Where would we be without them? In a place with much less access to light and fresh air, that’s for sure. But, in order for us to photosynthesise properly, so to speak, we need good quality windows that are provided by good quality window suppliers. Here’s why…

First off, let me admit that I’m no stranger to a sneaky shop at Kmart or the like. We all love a good sale or a cheap bargain here and there. But if I’m buying something important and not single use, am I going to pay a little bit extra for higher quality? Absolutely. Windows aren’t like curtains, you can’t change them overnight. You don’t need to, thank god. What a hassle that would be.

When you’re looking for a good supplier, you want to ensure that the quality of the windows will match the quantity of years they’re designed for, usually around 15-20 years. Less if you have kids and ball sports playing nearby, unfortunately. The windows should have tight seals that act more or less like solitary confinement, if you think about it – they keep a strong barrier between what remains inside and outside on two separate planes. If not, they can let in both drafts, leaks, and insects, all of which I could live without if you ask me. Think of it like this - loose windows plus the use of air conditioning (or heaters in winter) equals higher energy bills.

By just overlooking one small detail you could start rot and then mould which, are almost like infectious diseases, in a way. Once it starts, they spread very quickly all along the frames and before you know it, you’ve got a whole section to fix. Great, now you have to pay to fix this problem and make sure no one is sick or facing any health issues, particularly asthmatics, from the mould.

Of course, if the adjustments aren’t correct then you could also face the problem of lopsided or uneven windows. Nobody wants their environment to look like a wonky version of Playschool - ‘There’s the Square, the Round, the Arch, the Diamond, and, what’s that one? …Oh yes, the ‘Slightly Off-kilter Rectangular Window That Throws Everything Else Out Of Place? How could I forget?’

Following this line of thought, there’s the matter of accessibility. They have to be easy to open and close, or else you’ve got a problem on your hands. If it’s a hot summer, then both you and the windows are stuck and I don’t think anyone wants that. Worse yet, if they’re not fitted right they could become unbalanced or fall off completely, arising in lots of potential hazards with glass everywhere.

Think about it like this: would you rather spend $10 on cheap shoes that will last you half a year, or splurge a little bit more for ones that are comfy, don’t wreck your posture, and will last you a few years? I know what I would do. Cough up.