Stay cool this summer with double glazed windows


Most people associate double glazed residential glass windows with keeping out the winter chill, but they do a stellar job of keeping you cooler in summer, too.


Double glazing offers remarkable insulating properties, whether it’s used for domestic windows and doors, shop front windows or office glazing, far outperforming ordinary window glass.


And it’s that insulation that repels the sun’s harsh rays as well, ensuring your thermal comfort all year round. Double glazed windows also save more of your hard-earned cash by reducing your energy bills and creating an energy efficient home. They will keep your home naturally brighter, cleaner and healthier.


Two panes are better than one: How does double glazing keep your space cooler?

Double glazed windows reduce the amount of energy that streams through them through a scientific process called ‘convection.'h


Instead of the traditional single pane window or glass door construction, in double glazing (as the name suggests) two panes of glass are installed parallel to each other with around nine millimetres of still air trapped in between them, which is instrumental in repelling the heat.


When one pane heats up (whether due to the sun or internal heating), it begins to vibrate at a molecular level so quickly it's not evident to the naked eye. The space between the panes restricts the flow of this heat energy because the molecules have nowhere to go.


That means – when it's hot outside – the interior glass pane will remain cool, effectively blocking the heat. The effect is reversed in winter when internal heat is trapped inside your home, while cold air is refracted. Radiant heat is therefore retained within, with less heat loss through the glass.


Some modern double glazing adds a vacuum to the empty space between the panes or injects an inert gas into it, which delivers even more effective insulation. You can also choose windows that are coated with a reflective pyrolytic during manufacture to further absorb and radiate energy.


Double glazing your windows and glass doors can also reduce outside noise levels to create a more ambiently comfortable space without cutting down on your view – great for office buildings where quiet, close work is required.


Other great benefits of double glazing your home or office.


  • Every window and glass door in your home or office can be double glazed to allow penetration of the low winter sun and refraction of summer heat. It also pays to protect your north and west facing double glazed windows with extra shading if you’re looking to reduce the effect of the sun rays.


  • The initial cost of double glazing is more expensive than installing standard single-paned windows, but you'll offset this cost by reduced energy loss and carbon emissions. You may not need to add curtains to your windows, saving in decorating costs, and double glazing always boosts your home or office's capital value.


  • Because double glazing reduces glare from the sun, you’ll also decrease potential UV damage to your precious fixtures, furnishings and artworks.


  • Properly fitted double glazing from a professional glazier can reduce noise by up to 75%. The thin pocket of air between the two windows allows for minimal transfer of the outside sound to the interior of your home or office. Careful research has been undertaken to ensure the optimal ratio between panes and air pocket.


Double glazing makes your home more secure – making it more difficult for potential burglars to smash a glass window or door and gain access to your belongings.

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