How Durable Is Bullet Proof Glass?


Bulletproof glass is a durable alternative to regular glass. When used for windows at your residential or commercial property or vehicle, bulletproof glass provides an additional level of protection against a bullet's impact. However, you must know that bulletproof glass is not fully impenetrable against all bullets. Rather, it intends to absorb the bullet impact's energy and reduce the potential damage to property and lives.

Let's take a closer look at what bulletproof glass is made of and how it works so you can get a better idea of how durable is bullet-proof glass.

What is Bullet Proof Glass Made of?

Bulletproof glass, which is also known as bullet-resistant glass, is made up of several different materials that offer additional protection against a bullet's impact. While bulletproof glass is often a combination of different types of materials, polycarbonate plastic and acrylic are the two most popular choices of material for bullet-resistant glass.

These materials offer a high level of visual clarity as well as offer level 1 protection against a bullet's impact. Here you must also know that a glass that offers level 1 protection can sustain the impact of three 9 mm bullets. However, when acrylic is combined with other materials including polycarbonate plastic it can provide up to level 3 protection which can withstand the impact of three shots from a powerful revolver such as 0.44 magnum.

How Bullet Proof Glass Works?

Bulletproof glass usually uses alternating layers of plastic and other heavy-duty material that do not compromise on the visual clarity but can also absorb the force of the bullet's impact. In case of an impact, the bullet will first penetrate through the first layer of material. However, the proceeding layers are usually made of polycarbonate plastic which is more resistant and can dissipate the bullet’s energy upon impact.

In the case of a bullet from a more powerful revolver, the bullet may likely pierce the next layer of material. The process continues until the bullet appears through the barrier material or the plastic/acrylic stops the bullet’s impact.

Bulletproof glass is indeed more durable than regular window glass and offers better protection especially when a high level of security is a priority. However, always remember that bulletproof glass does not guarantee 100% protection against the bullet's impact. The potential damage depends upon the choice of material used for the manufacturing of bulletproof glass and the intensity of the impact.

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