Double Glazed Windows Can Also Keep Your House Cooler During Summer


Australia is well known for its brutal summers that can pretty much take the wind out of you. While there’s no respite from the summer heat outside, there is a way in which you and your family can stay comfortable while indoors apart from turning up the air con - it’s called double glazed windows. Here are some of the benefits of using double glazed windows.

Reduces Solar Heat

The high level of insulation that the double glazing provides reduces the impact of scorching temperatures. Unlike regular glass, which lets the heat inside, double glazed glass repels heat. The result is a cooler home, especially during those hot summer days.

Less Need for Cooling Systems

Air conditioning has become one of the main fixtures in Australian homes. That’s because the summer is hot in most of the country, with normal temperatures easily exceeding 30 degrees on the mainland. This means more homes tend to use the aircon to stay cool. Needless to say, this bumps up the monthly energy costs of households. This can amount to thousands of dollars being spent on just the air conditioning, which could have otherwise been saved. With double glazed glass, the radiant heat of the sun is kept at bay. Since this glass has been designed to reflect heat, it means the house remains cooler, minimising the use of the air con, which in turn, helps bring down energy costs.

Controls Condensation

Condensation on glass forms whenever the air is cooled. The moisture that’s present in the air condenses on the glass window forming tiny droplets of water. With time, this results in the build-up of mould and mildew, which can be dangerous to one’s health. The good news is, since this only occurs in windows that have been single glazed, when you invest in double glazed windows, you do not have to bother about air condensation in your home.

Helps Regulate Temperature

Double glazed windows also help keep the temperature regulated indoors. This helps keep the room warm during summers and reducing temperature fluctuations during winters. In turn, double glazed windows result in a healthier, more comfortable home.

There’s a good reason why double glazed windows are found in homes, offices, and other buildings not just in Australia but all across the world. Because of its remarkable insulating properties, double glazed windows are a great alternative to the ordinary, single-pane glass that are unable to keep you protected from the unforgiving “Australian heat.” If you’re looking for the best quality double glazed windows to be comfortable and enjoy reduced energy costs, then you are sure to find some great options at AAA Glass.